I have absolutely nothing to say ………….


For days now I’ve been wondering why I can’t think of anything to write about! I literally have nothing to say which is quite unusual. My Dad has always said that when I die they’ll have to beat my larynx to death with a stick so it got me thinking about why I find myself uncharacteristically mute!

I’m in Limbo-land. For months everything has been upside-down what with redundancy and building work, moving out and feeling displaced and generally having lots to think about. Now I feel that everything is on pause and my life is waiting to start again.

I have exciting work in the pipeline but no start dates set or agreements signed. I have lots of ideas about how I’d like to decorate my house but a cash flow problem is preventing it from happening. Christmas is looming but it’s a bit early to get into gear properly.

My MS is chugging along with no real problems apart from the usual. This is great considering the prolonged stress of building work so I’m counting my blessings there!

Is this writers block or just a lack of inspiration?

Basically everything is on hold till it starts happening!

As soon as I have something more interesting to say I will!

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