This is my beautiful daughter with my best friends’ brand new son. We met him for the first time yesterday and it was such a lovely afternoon.

The husband looked on adoringly and was, by far, the most broody person in the room. He would happily welcome at least 3 more into our family and lots of women would say, “well, he doesn’t have to do the hard bit does he?”


The Husband, who is able-bodied, runs around like a headless chicken most of the time with barely enough time to perform basic bodily functions. I’m not exaggerating, you should see his beard! His latest nick name in our house is “Half a job Rob” so why don’t we have a few more sprogs?

The problem is me. I would love another boy, I’d call him Ruben.  Without regurgitating my murky, medical history too much, having children plays havoc with my MS.

Pregnancy is easy, child-birth a mere inconvenience, breast feeding a slight nuisance but looking after a new-born plays havoc with my health. The prolonged physical demands it asks of my body makes even the thought of it impossible so I have to be content with admiring babies  from afar.

This is ok with me as I have a beautiful, healthy son and daughter already and am so happy they are both out of nappies and sleeping (sometimes) beyond  7.30am but I do wonder about women diagnosed younger or those without a Super Hero as a husband. Do these women think twice about starting a family as I do about increasing mine?……………..

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