I’m so BORED of MS


Just lately I’ve been so BORED of MS. Living with it, talking about it, thinking about it, reading about it, writing about it. It’s all so dull! Even the World MS day yesterday failed to rouse my interest.

It started the other day when I was reading a blog post by a fellow Mser. I usually love to read other blog posts so I can learn more about MS, compare symptoms and treatments, ‘borrow’ ideas or just find inspiration for new posts of my own. I also like to support other bloggers by sharing posts on social media, making comments or answering questions. There is a caring and supportive MS community online and I like to be an active part of it but I got a few lines into the post and thought, ‘yawn’!


I couldn’t bring myself to read any more about MS! This is no way a reflection of the quality of the particular post I was reading and I realised, ‘it’s not you, it’s me’. I’m just fed up with living and breathing MS!

It reminded me of the burn out we all feel after a few months at work, plodding along at the same routine day in day out till the need to get away becomes irresistible. What do people do when they face burn out? They take a holiday or a day off but what is an Mser supposed to do? That is what I need. I need a day off from MS but if I did get a day off what would I do?

I posed this question on twitter the other day and got some interesting responses that ranged from running upstairs to simply being able to keep up with friends on a day out without feeling the need to lay down in a darkened room. Lots of people would go dancing and one person would go for a run then boast about it on Facebook! (we’ve all got friends like that)


I think I would just walk. I’d start at my house and walk into town, which would probably take about 40 minutes (I’m cured for the day don’t forget) Once in town I’d wander around the North Laine in Brighton and maybe stop for a pint at my old stomping ground, The Heart & Hand. I’d then wander down to the Sea and have an ice-cream somewhere. I’d love to walk along whilst chatting to a friend about nothing in particular or maybe take a phone call whilst walking along, confident in my ability to do so without tripping over, losing my balance or bumping into anything (or anyone). Then I’d go home and run around the garden with my kids till we were all worn out, faces flushed and hearts racing. Next, I’d take a long, hot bubble bath whilst drinking a large glass of wine. I’d then go out for the evening with my beloved Husband, have a nice meal somewhere then walk along, hand in hand talking about the future. I wouldn’t need the loo every 5 minutes, I wouldn’t have difficulty if the knife and fork were too heavy and I wouldn’t be affected by temperature in any way. I also wouldn’t be on my knees with exhaustion from all that walking!

Simple pleasures really but that sounds like an awesome day to me! What would you do if you could have a symptom and disability free day off?

2 thoughts on “I’m so BORED of MS

  1. Oh my goodness this blog made me cry. I have never imagined what I would do if I had a day off from my disability caused by a brain tumour in 2008 and more recently increased by breast cancer. Now what would I do. I would DRIVE myself to a mountain then WALK right to the top! I can feel a blog post of my own coming on..thank you for letting me dream for a moment x Dawn

    • Thanks- I think!! I hope you feel positive because of it not blue! Once I accepted what isn’t going to change I found it comforting to imagine and remember. It is what it is!

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