If you can’t stand the heat …..?


When it’s hot you will often find me laid out somewhere in the shade, grumbling to myself whilst huffing and puffing. It feels like I’m melting, all my MS symptoms get worse and I get a few new ones just for good measure!

It wasn’t always like this though! I remember being a sun worshipper in my “yoof” sunbathing for hours, always sitting in the sun, tanning easily. Now I shy away from direct sunlight like a vampire, afraid I’ll be frazzled on the spot!

The recent cool, gloomy weather got me thinking about what happens to my body as the temperature rises.

The first symptom is often strange sensations in my right eye. It feels like its swelling up and might pop out as the high pressure builds. This can affect my vision, making it blurry round the edges.

Next my hands and feet will swell up. Trying to do anything with my hands becomes virtually impossible, it’s like trying to thread a needle wearing oven gloves! Walking becomes even more difficult, my feet “drop” alarmingly, causing me to trip more frequently. This is presuming I can even hold my weight on my legs though as often my limbs feel weak and pathetic, as if all my “strings” have been cut!

My brain also feels like its being squashed slowly from within! Cognitive functions become more sluggish, my speech can be affected as numbness and fatigue creep round to my lips and mouth making conversation a minefield as I scratch around my brain for the right words.

With all this going on it’s no wonder the average Mser groans loudly when the weather man announces a heatwave. I hate moaning when everyone else is gleefully grabbing the sun cream.

The other day we had a BBQ and all the usual anxieties about being stuck in the garden started bubbling away in my head (I’ve been rescued by The Husband brandishing a wheelchair before!).

Someone got me a chair so I could sit next to the bi-fold doors instead of venturing all the way to the middle of the garden. This was great as it meant only a small step into the kitchen but I forgot to factor in everything that happens to my body when I get too hot. I sat there, happily chatting away, having a glass of wine but when the inevitable need for the loo arose I realised I couldn’t even stand up let alone get myself into the house! I sat there, half in and half out of the kitchen, my legs in the shade, and a few minutes later found I was able to manage it. All it took was a few minutes to cool down!

I’d love to hear tips from other MSers about how they manage to enjoy the sun without the inevitable meltdown! Or are we all destined to get paler and paler, sitting indoors while everyone else has fun? 


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