Job hunting with MS ……………


I was busy last week writing additional information to support my application for a job. It took me days to do because I have so much experience in the field and MS hands forced me to rest them a lot! My brain was whizzing away, brimming with examples and evidence but my hands couldn’t keep up and seemed to take on a life of their own! At one point they managed to delete what I’d spent two hours writing so I continued on a separate document to cut and paste later on.

Much of my working career has been in the public sector so CV’s aren’t accepted when applying for a job. Instead they supply a job description and person specification so you have to give evidence with examples of how you meet the criteria set out in the person specification. This is all to do with equal opportunities and gives you the chance to provide as much evidence as possible. This is for a job I did for 6 years before moving to a voluntary sector job training people to work with the same client group so I have so much experience and can still offer so much even though my mobility isn’t what it was.

Why then am I riddled with self doubt and paranoia? Why do I feel they’ll do anything to avoid giving me a job even though they clearly state they have an ā€œEqual Opportunities Policy which in practice strives to treat everyone fairly irrespective of gender, ethnic origin, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, age or disability.ā€


I worked for them when I was diagnosed with MS in 2008 and they were brilliant, engaging occupational health and bending over backwards to put things in place to help me do the job. Under the equal opportunities part of the form I couldn’t resist mentioning my disability and how as long as I have the help I need I can do the job as well as an able bodied person. Will this statement indicate how well I understand the issue of equal opportunities, giving me an advantage, or will it give the impression of someone who will be more trouble than they’re worth? Why should the fact I can’t walk very well make any difference? Perhaps it doesn’t and it’s all in my head? Either way, we shall see if and when I get an interview for the job.

One of the requirements was a willingness to work towards an NVQ level 3 in Criminal Justice. I knew I’d done at least one NVQ before I left but didn’t know what in and to what level so I called their training manager to check. It turns out I have the development award and the full NVQ level 3. He said that would be advantage as I would be saving them money. When I have my confident head on I can’t see how they won’t offer me the job but when self doubt creeps in I can think of subtle ways they can avoid employing me, like offering me a job in another county or being inflexible with hours, forcing me not to take what they offer.

All I want is a part time job that pays the bills giving me enough time to pursue my writing and spend time with my family. This is just the break I need so will see what happens after the closing date tomorrow.


6 thoughts on “Job hunting with MS ……………

  1. When you get the interview, I hope they see you for who you are, which is the best person for the job! When I interviewed for my current position, I figured they were going to be curious about the walking stick anyway so might as well say up front what it’s there for. Since then, they have been nothing but compassionate and accommodating, perhaps because I give them cause to believe I’m worth keeping. I hope the same happens for you! šŸ™‚

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