Bored of writing about MS ….


I’m mind numbingly bored of writing about MS so today I’m going to write about biscuits (cookies if you’re American)

I’m not supposed to eat biscuits as I follow a gluten free diet but I am rather partial to the humble custard cream!

I love to nibble the biscuit, exposing the yellow cream in the middle and if you’re careful, it’s possible to be rewarded with just the cream and no biscuit! In my experience, it depends on the quality of the brand whether it’s possible to do this and I’ve been frustrated many times when the cream sticks to the biscuit underneath and breaks in half!

Strangely, the bourbon biscuit doesn’t have the same appeal to me. I expect this is because the bourbon is long and thin so it’s less easy to be left with just the cream. It may just be that they don’t taste as good as a custard cream. I can take or leave the bourbon.

I’ve never been a fan of the Hob Nob and think it’s the crumbly, dry texture that puts me off. I go wild for fruit shortcake’s though and could eat a whole packet in one sitting!

I never, ever dunk.

The chocolate digestive is a king amongst biscuits but I tend to prefer Sainsbury’s own brand ones to the more expensive labels. I love to lick the chocolate off slowly and can make one biscuit last for hours.

My kids love ginger nuts but I would never choose one of those. They’re SO HARD! I expect they’re good for dunking but I never, ever dunk.

Jammie Dodgers are pretty cool and have a similar appeal to the custard cream for me. Once or twice I’ve managed to end up with the layer of cream and the dollop of sugary jam by nibbling the biscuit sandwich away. This is, obviously, far too much excitement to experience very often so the Jammie Dodger is kept for special occasions.

I can’t stand fig rolls. They’re disgusting.

Garibaldi (squashed fly biscuits) are tasty and have a lovely, chewy consistency. It’s fairly unconventional the way they’re all joined together in the packet though and it’s easy to take more than you meant to! Be aware.

I like posh biscuits from M&S too and love the exotic combinations such a white chocolate and ginger or chilli and lime. These are a bit pretentious for every day consumption though and I’d always much rather have a custard cream.



11 thoughts on “Bored of writing about MS ….

  1. Love this! And you make me so hungry for biscuits (which I’m not meant to eat either). Dark chocolate digestives for me, definitely dunked so the chocolate melts 🍫

  2. Ok, now I’m hungry, too! When I met my future husband, he kept talking about “dippy eggs” being the only way to eat them. Since we lived in different areas of the country, I assumed it was just some weird thing Easterners did. After all, hog maw (eating the inside of a pig’s stomach and delivering it to the table inside the stomach lining) is still considered a delicacy! When I was first served it, I not only couldn’t eat it, I couldn’t bear to even look at it.
    One morning he said he was going to teach me how to make these incredibly delicious “dippy eggs.” I was ready to learn the trick. What he showed me was nothing more than an egg cooked quickly and flipped over for just a few seconds. Nothing more than a plain, ole’ egg over easy. Just a difference in dialect.
    Of course, where he grew up they had never heard of an olive burger!
    An enjoyable, light-hearted column, Abby! Thank you!

  3. Jammie Dodgers don’t have a cream layer, just jam. Too dry. Need the jam cream biscuits. M and S ones particularly good. Bourbons just wrong. Tunnocks tea cakes on the other hand….

  4. It is so nice to read all the comments. I feel as if I have found a place where I can truly express my deepest thoughts, fears and frustrations about living with MS. Thanks everyone! I pray for all of us and our family members!

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