Operation blues ……


I haven’t written much here for a while and that’s mainly because I’m worried. Actually, that’s an understatement; I’m terrified to the point of tears when I think about what’s to come.

I have to have an operation. It’s a routine, gynaecological procedure that’s common in women but this does nothing to make me feel better.

My MS has been stable for a while. My mobility is hopeless and I need to use a mobility scooter, but I still manage, with lots of help, to work and function. I can still get to the shower or toilet on my own most of the time and still take pride in what I wear and how I look.

What am I so worried about then? I’m terrified having an operation will knock my MS for six and I’ll be worse off than I am now. I worry that I’ll need loads of help and my dwindling independence will be impacted even more. Will I be able to get to the bathroom and take care of myself?

I have a pre-op appointment later this month where, I’m hoping, lots of my questions will be answered and my fears will reduce but I can’t help being nervous.

Most people have to have 4 weeks off to recover from this operation, but they’ve already told me to expect to need 6 weeks due to my MS. Work have been great, but I also worry about my caseload of people who are going to be without support for all that time.

There are positives if I look on the bright side though. I’ll be forced to rest for 6 whole weeks! I won’t have the stress of work to deal with and I’m going to try and use the time wisely. I’m hoping I’ll be well enough to do light, seated exercise and will avoid alcohol and unhealthy food. The operation may also make me feel better in the long run as my condition can cause bladder and bowel problems so maybe my MS isn’t the only thing causing havoc in that department. Any improvements there will be a welcome bonus.

I will also document how I feel and how I’m doing as I’m sure I’m not the only MSer who worries about how other health conditions can impact MS. I asked about this on twitter and lots of people reassured me that having a procedure or operation has no negative impact on MS, so fingers crossed this will be the case for me too.

Wish me luck!


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