My CBD oil experiment …..


This week I’m been experimenting with CBD oil. I won’t go into huge detail about what I’m using and who I bought it from as I’m not entirely sure how legal it all is!

I’ve heard you can buy it in all sorts of places, but I’m concerned about being ripped off and want to try the real thing rather than an expensive product with little or no active ingredient.

I also have concerns about high profile news stories in the UK where people have been stopped bringing it in from abroad to treat sick children. It’s illegal so I don’t want to get arrested! It’s all very confusing but I can’t escape how good it’s meant to be for MS so wanted to give it a go myself.

Anyway, the sample I’ve been using contains hardly any THC (active ingredient in cannabis that gets you high)

This was an important stipulation for me as I’m hopeless at getting stoned! I’m the sort of person who’d end up psychotic, hearing voices and hallucinating in a paranoid mess if I got stoned. Especially now with the kids and a mortgage to worry about!

I made this clear when ordering my sample so the product I’ve got contains CBD oil in sesame seed oil.

You take it by dropping a pipette under the tongue and you’re meant to take 20 drops, 4 times a day. It tastes revolting! Kind of earthy and grassy but the taste goes away pretty quickly so it’s not too offensive.

I’m on day 3 of my experiment and I’m not sure if I can feel any differences.

I’ve slept soundly both nights which is a nice bonus and last night I noticed an improvement in leg spasms I usually get when I’m trying to get to sleep. My feet often swell up and feel hot and painful and I’m prescribed pregabalin to ease the pain, but I didn’t need to take it last night. This is particularly surprising as it’s usually worse when it’s hot and we’re in the middle of a heat wave!

Anyway, it’s early days so I’ll keep monitoring it and will report back more scientific evidence as I gather it!

I’d be interested to hear from other MSers about their experiences with CBD oil and/or cannabis so let me know ……




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