How to get free stuff with MS ….


This year I’ve managed to blag £10,000 worth of free stuff! I’m fairly bewildered as to how I managed it but sometimes, having MS has its perks.

It started with an adapted, accessible, en-suite bathroom which I was delighted to have installed in August while I was on holiday. I returned a week later, and it was as if the disability fairies had been and sorted out all my bathroom problems!

I’ve also had a non-stick ramp fitted outside so I can drive my scooter straight in to my house and a video door release thingy, so I can answer my front door from the sofa!

The icing on the cake was a brand new, shiny, Travelscoot that arrived last week to replace my well used original.

I’d arranged to have an occupational therapist (OT) to come and assess me at home as things were getting difficult, especially having a shower easily. I found myself missing showers on mornings when I felt tired and MSy. This is not good when trying to hold down a job and the OT agreed there were things that could be put in place to help me.

The council knocked me back for funding at first as The Husband and I both work which was annoying! Just because we work doesn’t mean we have thousands of pounds laying around to update a bathroom! Luckily, they called me back a few weeks later to say the criteria had changed and as long as the work cost less than £5000 they’d pay! Hurrah!

As the plumbing was already in place it didn’t take a lot to put in a level shower and a seat attached to the wall. There’s also a hand rail next to the loo so it’s made such a big difference to me. The ramp and video entry device were also included in this grant, so I feel more independent and can be left alone at home for longer.

The scooter was paid for by Access to Work and my employer. Access to Work is a government scheme, designed to support disabled people to stay in work. They carried out an assessment when I moved offices and I was delighted when they recommended a new scooter as well as disabled buttons to open doors and a more user-friendly lift.

I hadn’t realised my employer would cover half the cost of the scooter as well as all the work needed too, I’m (almost) looking forward to getting back to work to try it all out!

I know there are other grants available for disabled people, so it would be great to hear what’s worked for other people.

If you don’t ask, you don’t get ……………………..



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