Traumatised by lunch ……


Is it just me, or does something simple like going out for lunch leave other disabled people traumatised, needing days to recover?

Why is it so hard just to go into town for a nice lunch and why does the effort involved reduce me to a gibbering wreck, wanting to pull the covers over my head and stay in bed for the weekend?

The plan this Friday was to get the bus from work and meet my siblings for lunch. My sister agreed to meet me from work and supervise the bus journey and it should have been easy.

Torrential rain conspired against us though and we were soaked to the bone once we got on the bus (mainly due to the driver having no idea how the ramp worked!)

Once on the bus I clung on for dear life while my sister held my scooter in place to prevent me sliding up and down, slippery floors and soggy hands making this more difficult than it needed to be.

Once in town we got even wetter on our way to the restaurant and eventually arrived, dripping but alive.

I was then unable to transfer from my scooter to a chair due to my exhausted limbs from clinging on to the bus! Luckily my brother had observed my husband heaving me under the arms numerous times and deposited me onto the chair with a soggy thud!

I was then able to enjoy a delicious lunch and a few glasses of wine, but the inevitable MS bladder issues kicked in around dessert and this became a logistical nightmare involving 2 siblings while the other held the fort at the table!

Luckily my long-suffering husband arrived to rescue me 4 toilet trips later and I managed not to embarrass myself too much.

I woke up the following morning with a hangover disproportionate to the amount I’d drunk and spent the following 2 days clutching my head and trying not to throw up. Every time I tried to get up the room swam and the only relief I felt was with my eyes closed in a darkened room. I slept on and off for 48 hours so that was the weekend gone!

This has left me feeling traumatised and relieved I don’t have to do that very often and it’s no wonder I don’t often venture out. It’s such a shame as I used to love having boozy lunches but it’s another thing MS had robbed me of.

Back to work tomorrow too. Yippee.


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