Lockdown 2? Lockdown too!

The nation is divided over “lockdown 2” Some people believe it’s essential to reduce the dreaded “R” number and lead us back to covid safety. Others are worried about jobs and the economy, and the impact that will have on people for years to come.

Friends and colleagues are wailing in despair all around me about new restrictions but to me and thousands of disabled people around the country, a second Lockdown makes absolutely no difference whatsoever!

People aren’t allowed to go out as bars and restaurants are closed but there are only a handful of venues I can go to anyway due to a shocking lack of accessibility.

People can’t visit each other at home at the moment but I can never do that as most people don’t have accessible houses.

People can’t go to non-essential shops but, guess what, there ae thousands of shops I’m excluded from due to my disability. Not to mention the fact that covid rules such as long queues and one way systems made shopping more difficult for us anyway.

My work is also unaffected as my office is “covid secure” so I’m still expected to go in once a week and see service users face to face. The rest of the time I manage my chaotic caseload at home like I have been doing since March. Although online “zoom” meetings are making my participation a million times easier than it was so there are some advantages.

I’m so lucky to still be employed and know there are people in a terrible situation, but I can’t help having little sympathy for people upset about other restrictions.

This is the reality of life for millions of disabled people around the world. We are always restricted and isolated and have to get on with it the best we can. It’s no surprise to me that hardly any of my online buddies are upset about “lockdown 2” as it makes little difference to them either, except that as many are clinically vulnerable, restricting everyone else has an important benefit!

I’m relieved and delighted the schools can remain open as at least I’m not trying to juggle work as well as home schooling 2 children, but I’ll get on with that if I have to.

Able bodied people ought to take a minute to imagine the lives of disabled people. When all this goes back to normal and you’re enjoying meeting each other and catching up, we’ll still be isolated at home. We’ll still be excluded from much of society and will have to keep calm and carry on!


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