Goodbye, my friend I never met ….


How do you write a tribute to someone you’ve never met or even spoken to? Some people have an impact on you even in the virtual world of social media and I feel moved enough to write to him now.

I first came across you a few years ago when I bumped into your wife on twitter. She read my ramblings about MS with interest and would often comment and share experiences of her own. She’d been caring for you for over 20 years since your diagnosis of Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis (PPMS)

She shared your struggle and pain but communicated an overwhelming love and humour which demonstrated how you both coped with MS together.

It sounds so corny and lame but it was obvious how highly she regarded you.

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Bored of writing about MS ….


I’m mind numbingly bored of writing about MS so today I’m going to write about biscuits (cookies if you’re American)

I’m not supposed to eat biscuits as I follow a gluten free diet but I am rather partial to the humble custard cream!

I love to nibble the biscuit, exposing the yellow cream in the middle and if you’re careful, it’s possible to be rewarded with just the cream and no biscuit! In my experience, it depends on the quality of the brand whether it’s possible to do this and I’ve been frustrated many times when the cream sticks to the biscuit underneath and breaks in half!

Strangely, the bourbon biscuit doesn’t have the same appeal to me. I expect this is because the bourbon is long and thin so it’s less easy to be left with just the cream. It may just be that they don’t taste as good as a custard cream. I can take or leave the bourbon.

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Problems, problems …..



It often feels like MS is a series of problems that need to be solved and overcome. For example;

  1. I couldn’t walk well so I got a walking stick.
  2. I couldn’t get into the bath so I got a walk-in shower.
  3. I couldn’t move my feet properly so I got an automatic car.

I can cope with overcoming obstacles and consider them challenges rather than problems but what I get frustrated with is the constantly shifting horizon. It would be great to feel like a problem is solved for good rather than temporarily, until the next relapse or progression.

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NewLifeOutlook Chrome Extension …..


I’ve been trying the new Chrome Extension to New Life Outlook and wanted to share it with everyone. I was asked to try it and as I’m not a naturally “techie” person I needed to recruit my 9-year-old son to explain what to do!

A Chrome Extension, as far as I can tell, is a kind of app that enhances the user experiences of, in this case, NewLifeOutlook which is an online Multiple Sclerosis (MS) community that I write regular articles for.

I was trying to install it using regular Google at first and couldn’t understand why the link wasn’t working.

“Go to Google Chrome Mum (der)” said my son which made the process much simpler!

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Being disabled is making me selfish …


Being disabled is making me selfish. I can’t help it as everything is always about me. Is where we’re going accessible? If not, will I be able to get in and once in how easy is it to get to the loo and out again when it’s time to go home?

Then there’s the scooter; is it charged enough? Can we get it in and out of the car ok? Are there stairs where we’re going?

Long gone are the days of spontaneity, everything now has to be planned and thought about well in advance and every decision revolves around me and what I need.

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