Work related scooter carnage!


I’m in the 3rd week of my new job and can’t quite believe I’m still going! I imagined being on my knees after the first few days or in a little heap on the floor but I feel better than I have for months!

On my first day I was racked with anxiety and imagined so much going wrong. My new boss helped get my scooter out of the car and it was agreed I’d use it in the building to avoid exhausting myself in the first 10 minutes. My new team members must have been briefed on my mode of transport as no one pointed or stared when I trundled into the office!

I had a long meeting with the lady responsible for the building after that and she was concerned and preoccupied with how I’d manage to evacuate the building safely in the event of a fire.

“Just chuck me out of the window” I said (she didn’t see the funny side unfortunately) She then went on to talk about all the options and was mainly concerned with her target of evacuating the building within 3 minutes! I’m dreading a fire drill where I have to remember who my allocated “buddy” is and where I need to meet my “evac-chair operator”

During this meeting I became aware of a sudden and urgent need for the loo so excused myself and trundled off to the ladies. As I’ve worked in the building before I knew the loo was outside the lift, away from the main office where the stairs are. I parked the scooter and foolishly didn’t bother to put the brakes on or turn it off. I knew that behind the main door is only 2 steps to the cubicle so didn’t feel the need to make the scooter secure. Big mistake.

I came out of the cubicle, washed my hands and opened the toilet door, forgetting how heavy it was. I stepped out and the door came crashing into my bottom, propelling me forward! I could find nothing to steady myself on except the handle of my scooter which was, of course on! You can imagine the carnage as it leapt forward and charged around with me hanging on desperately to the accelerator! I ended up in a heap on the floor unable to get up. Out of all the things I’d anxiously imagined going wrong on my first day this hadn’t even entered my head! Meanwhile, the lady in charge of health and safety was twiddling her thumbs, waiting for me to return to the meeting.

Anyway, after much scrabbling on the floor, trying to heave myself up I eventually managed it just as someone walked out of the office! Phew, got away with it without anyone seeing or having to heave me back on the scooter!

I am now very careful about putting the brakes on and switching it off every time to get off and no similar dramas have occurred!


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