Why I’m no longer using Facebook ….


I’ve stopped using Facebook and I feel strangely liberated! It was beginning to get on my nerves, all that scrolling through nonsense and other people’s opinions.

When you have a chronic illness like MS, I feel it’s important not to go on about it all the time, so I never mentioned it on Facebook. I didn’t want to be “that” person who wears their condition on their sleeve and never talks about anything else. It’s a myth that people like that raise awareness as all people do is scroll quickly past whilst yawning and raising their eyes to heaven!

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My CBD oil experiment …..


This week I’m been experimenting with CBD oil. I won’t go into huge detail about what I’m using and who I bought it from as I’m not entirely sure how legal it all is!

I’ve heard you can buy it in all sorts of places, but I’m concerned about being ripped off and want to try the real thing rather than an expensive product with little or no active ingredient.

I also have concerns about high profile news stories in the UK where people have been stopped bringing it in from abroad to treat sick children. It’s illegal so I don’t want to get arrested! It’s all very confusing but I can’t escape how good it’s meant to be for MS so wanted to give it a go myself.

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Wish me luck ……

wish me luck

I’ve been preparing a presentation for a job interview this week. This is a promotion at work with much more money and responsibility. I think I’m qualified and have all the relevant experience, having done similar roles twice, so I think I’ve got as much chance as the other candidates.

I can’t help wondering if I’m kidding myself due to my disability though. Am I still employable now I can’t walk? Am I what the organisation wants to represent them?

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It could be worse ……


I’ve just finished reading “Every Note played” by Lisa Genova and am writing this through tears at the beautiful, insightful and moving portrayal of someone living with ALS.

ALS is another name for Motor Neuron Disease (MND) and I could see many parallels with MS. I have a fascination with reading about a life changing diagnosis as I can obviously relate to the characters and empathise.

I can relate to how the protagonists body began to let him down and how his initial denial led to fear and isolation. I can also empathise with how he didn’t want to confront his situation and let other people in to help him.

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On flouncing out with Multiple Sclerosis …


I’m not one to shy away from confrontation, especially when I’m in the right. There’s nothing more satisfying than coming up with the perfect, witty parting shot before flouncing or storming off!

I remember years ago when someone challenged me in a supermarket car park for daring to park in a parent and child space. I thought it strange that she was jumping up and down and pointing out the £60 fine for flouting the rules before making absolutely sure I was guilty. I calmly retrieved my infant son from the back seat before smugly stating, “get your facts straight before you speak to me” and flouncing off.

It’s much harder to achieve when you’re disabled though and rely on other people to help you!

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New life outlook …


I write monthly articles for the wonderful, online community, New Life Outlook.  https://ms.newlifeoutlook.com/

It occurred to me that readers of this blog might not have read these articles so I’m going to share them here once they’re published.

My latest article is on the dreaded self-catheterisation! Click on the link below to read part 1 and browse other MS articles on the site.

Let me know what you think.