MS awareness week

It’s MS awareness week again and I can’t help feeling a bit grumpy about it.

I’m painfully aware of MS already and don’t feel the need to share my “journey” or read about anyone else’s!

I’m not entirely convinced an awareness week raises any real awareness for people who don’t have MS. Do healthy, able bodied people really take the time to educate themselves about MS if it doesn’t have a direct impact on them?

Maybe I’m wrong but I didn’t know the first thing about MS till I was diagnosed. I then became an expert pretty quickly and I expect my family and friends could write lengthy essays on the subject too!

I’ll concede that raising awareness does help with funding for charities and research. We’ve all seen high profile sufferers of various conditions on TV, bravely discussing their plight whilst raising zillions to find a cure. I applaud these people and their supporters but It fails to inspire me to do the same.

Maybe I’ve lost all enthusiasm and I’m suffering from “awareness fatigue” Maybe I’ve become an old cynic, reminiscent of Scrooge at Christmas.

I’d rather we had an MS Avoidance Week instead where we could all try and forget about MS and think about something else! Maybe we could celebrate all the other things that we are like parters, parents, employees, professionals….

Just a thought.

Rant over!

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