Wish me luck ……

wish me luck

I’ve been preparing a presentation for a job interview this week. This is a promotion at work with much more money and responsibility. I think I’m qualified and have all the relevant experience, having done similar roles twice, so I think I’ve got as much chance as the other candidates.

I can’t help wondering if I’m kidding myself due to my disability though. Am I still employable now I can’t walk? Am I what the organisation wants to represent them?

I’ve got a great track record working there and believe I’m ready for a promotion so why do I feel like my MS is going to go against me? The law ought to protect us against discrimination but I can’t control how the interview panel will react to me and what assumptions they’ll make. If I don’t get the job, how will I know if it’s due to prejudice about my MS? I can’t kick off and accuse them if someone else got the job, fair and square, or I’ll look like a right plonker!

If I don’t ignore these fears, I’ll never get anywhere in life though. I know I can do the job as well as anyone else a long as I have extra support, but will they be willing to see past my disability and take the chance?

It’s frustrating though as I used to be great at presentations. I’d bounce around by the flip-chart and use the room rather than standing still. Now I have to sit by a laptop and hope I do it justice but I’m hoping it’s the content they’ll be interested in rather than how well I can stand up!

I’ve got to try and focus on my skills and experiences and not get too stressed as we all know what impact that has on MS! The last thing I need is a flare up to deal with on the day, illustrating my inability to do the job! Oh, the irony!

Anyway, please send good vibes. It can’t go worse than the interview to get my current job where the manger had to wheel me to the loo on an office chair when my legs gave way! If I can get a job under those conditions I might still be in with a chance!

I’d love to hear your MS related work stories. Am I being paranoid or do I have a point?

Wish me luck!


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